Incoterms Workshop

What is included in the Incoterms Workshop?


Incoterms Workshop

Duration: 1 day

Overview of course:

This training workshop assists the participant to demonstrate knowledge about International commercial terms (INCOTERMS), the roles and responsibilities regarding carriage, costs and risks and making recommendations regarding the usage of international commercial terms.

The course will cover updates from the 2010 to 2020 Incoterms, addressing risks, costs and responsibilities of importer and exporter, with an emphasis on the impact for the freight forwarders (operating both on and behalf of either the importer or exporter).

The workshop addresses the following:

  • Identifying international commercial terms.
  • Identifying importer and exporter responsibilities
  • Identifying shortcomings and making recommendations
  • Identifying shipping line documents
  • Identifying transport documentation
  • Identifying clearance documents
  • What method of transportation will be used for various commodities?
  • What type of equipment of packaging is required for various commodities?


Admission criteria:

Industry experience is a pre-requisite.

Recognition of prior learning will be considered.

Note: SAMS reserves the right to recommend learners onto a learning path after an initial assessment interview.