Our driving academy offers a variety of training, learner’s, code 08, 10 and forklift training.


Learner’s Licence

This licence is required before learning to drive, equipping you for on-the-road training with an instructor or licensed driver. Training includes:

• Rules of the road
• Vehicle controls
• K53 driving test
• Understanding traffic, signs, signals and road markings
• Defensive driving
• Classroom sessions
• Simulated tests
• Study material


Driver’s Licence

After obtaining a Learner’s Licence, driver training may begin. All training is provided by our fully qualified instructor. Our vehicle will also be available for hire on test day and the instructor will accompany the learner.

We cover the following areas:
• Pre-trip inspection (interior & exterior)
• Alley Docking
• Parallel parking
• Three point turn
• Open road driving

Special Group Courses

Specialised driving courses for groups can be organised to suit your needs, from advanced driving to anti-hijacking. Talk to us and we’ll tailor the practical training needed for your organisation.


Forklift Training & Licence (4 days)

• 1 day theory training
• 3 days practical training (15hrs on machine)
• Pre and post truck inspection training
• Training to handle, load and store freight
• Registered skills certificate (NQF 03 SAQA I.D.:242974)
• Forklift license issue (valid 2 years)

Forklift Licence Renewal (1 day)

Refresher course for experienced operators, for the renewal of licences. Valid for 2 years.

Forklift Skills Certificate (3 days)

• Only for learners with a forklift license
• Practical skills, handling and packaging techniques
• Registered skills certificate on completion (US 242974)