Pursuing a career in sailing or simply an enthusiast? Our courses will equip you!


Pre-Sea Sailing Course (NEW)

Get set for a career in sailing!
Starts September 2022

• Competent Crew Day Skipper
• Physical and Mental Health Activities
• Crew House Accommodation
• 90 days
• 10 month programme starts 2023


Yacht Hand

Introduction to the boating world, enabling you to become a competent crew member aboard a sailing or power driven vessel. Course content includes nautical terminology, boat handling, knots and basic seamanship.

Day Skipper

On successful completion of the Day Skipper course you will be entitled to skipper a vessel over nine meters in length, within 15NM of your home port. It is a starting point to a career within the sailing industry.

Coastal Skipper

On successful completion of this course you will be entitled to skipper a vessel anywhere, but within 50NM of the coast.

Yacht Master Offshore

On successful completion of your Coastal Skipper and the logging of the required 2800NM, the next step for you is the Yacht Master Offshore. Once completed you are allowed to skipper a yacht on any ocean passage.