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Sailing is a character building experience. It is adventurous, exciting and invigorating. It teaches you skills that will not only equip you for being at sea, but provide you with skills for everyday life too.

We offer a number of courses catering for all who want to start a career in the sailing industry or merely for the sailing enthusiast. You can choose your course depending on where you want your sailing to take you.

A Career in the Sailing Industry

Learners wishing to pursue a career at sea would enrole in our program to access the industry. Your initial phase of training is Yacht Hand, thereafter Day Skipper progressing to Coastal Skipper and finally Yacht Master.

The course is internationally recognised and accredited by The South African Sailing Association (SAS). The course durations vary from 3 days to 4 months (course dependent) either in a full or part time basis, all of which require dedication.

It is immensely rewarding but requires a strong will as certain periods at sea may be testing especially during times of unfavourable weather conditions.

Short Range Certificate (SRC) Radio Course (new and conversions)

SAMSA Marine Notice 4 of 2016 requires all current and new Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Certificate holders to convert to the updated Short Range Certificate (SRC). We are an accredited service provider of SAMSA offering courses for both new and conversion operators (VHF licence holders will be exposed to DSC/GMDSS functions).
Contact us to enquire about our next scheduled course – these are held during working hours and/or evening classes.

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The SA Maritime School and Transport College (SAMS) is closely affiliated with the Royal Natal Yacht Club (RNYC) which is situated in the yacht basin in Durban.