All the programs comprise of unit standards which are building blocks towards the National Qualifications Framework. A credit is made up of 10 notional hours. If a unit standard has 6 credits, a learner would be expected to attend some form of learning for 60 hours. This may be in the form of practical tasks, work experience or class sessions. For assessment purposes, each unit standard is assessed and learners are required to complete the respective assessments.

Each assessment is discussed with learners prior to the start of the unit standard. A learner will only be found competent once they have successfully passed their examination and have submitted all their portfolio of evidence tasks. Upon completion of each unit standard, learners will be assessed before they commence with the next unit standard.

Learners will receive continuous feedback on their progress from the Facilitator and Assessor.

An independent (external) moderator is required to review all assessments thereby ensuring a consistently high quality product.

On successful completion of a program, the learner would be awarded with the relevant certificate or diploma.