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NQF 05

The diploma program caters for those already permanently working within the maritime industry or those that have completed the relevant NQF level 04 qualifications in the maritime industry. This qualification is conducted and benchmarked against international standards. Learning is carried out over a period of 2 years on a part time basis (Saturdays only). Learners have the option of completing the whole program or sections which are pertinent to their jobs, thereby completing the program over a longer period.

The following fundamentals, core and elective unit standards are covered in this qualification:


  • Communications within a business environment
  • Apply concepts and principles of business ethics


  • OHASA Act
  • Schedule transport
  • Generic business process and value chain model
  • Contract documentation
  • Financial analysis
  • Fundamental concepts and principles of supply chain management
  • Range of resources to effectively manage teams, sections, departments or divisions
  • Risk management control system
  • Logistics plan
  • Develop and implement a strategy and action plan
  • Devise and apply strategies to establish and maintain relationships
  • Principles of business - role of IT
  • Manage diverse work force
  • Evaluate current practices against the best
  • Identify and interpret related legislation
  • Implement systems to meet the flow of info in a team
  • Institute disciplinary action
  • Manage freight care
  • Manage freight location and control
  • Plan and implement QMS
  • Plan, select and implement resources in a freight handling environment
  • Set, monitor and measure the achievement of goals and objectives
  • Understanding the international trade environment


  • Identify and measure the factors
    that influence productivity
  • Ship design and cargo operations
  • Container control operations
  • Maritime liner trades

Enrolment Criteria

  • Appropriate NQF level 04 qualification
  • Permanently employed in maritime industry
    – minimum 4 years