> About the Course


As a learner driver, the more aware you are of the rules of the road, the defensive driving system, road signs and markings the safer the roads will be for all users. By ‘defending’ yourself on the roads you better the chances of not having a collision.

Overview of the learners course
The following is covered during the course:

  • Understanding the rules of the road
  • Understanding the K53 defensive driving programme
  • Understanding the various vehicle controls (steering wheel, gears, footbrake etc)
  • Understanding the road traffic signs, signals and painted road markings, and how the driver
    should respond to each of them
              What we offer:
  • Classroom sessions
  • Teaching
  • Simulated tests
  • Supply of additional study material

Learners will be provided with the most up to date learner material. However, learners may still choose to purchase the K53 Learners manual should they so wish.


Overview of the drivers course
Upon receiving a valid learners licence certificate, driver training may now begin. SAMS offers the following training:

  • Pre-trip inspection – Interior as well as exterior.
  • The yard test including:
    • Hill start
    • Alley docking
    • Parallel parking
    • Three point turn
  • Open road, suburban and freeway driving.

All training provided will be done by our fully qualified instructor. Our vehicle will also be available for hire on the day of the practical test (the instructor will accompany the learner).